What To Do In An Interview

Plenty of errors can potentially be avoided if you know how to plan right when applying for a job. Making mistakes is easy when you’re feeling uneasy. But with a bit of preparation and practice you can land that dream job with ease. Here are some ideas to keep you focused and get that job:

Getting Too Personal

Don’t be too unprofessional during the interview. Examples of this are sharing your whole life story or ranting about your personal life in excess. This can often make the interviewer uneasy or potentially offend them. Try to stick to the topics and answer all questions in a professional manner.

Not Picking Up On Cues

Every now and then the interviewer will assist you by giving you subtle clues. It’s crucial to pick up on these cues, which will often be displayed in the form of body language and the wording of questions. You have to read in-between the lines here. The most ideal way to deal with this is to think of what the person hiring you might prefer to hear, and how they might want to hear it.

One of the most common interview questions is “is it better to be very formal or slightly informal at an interview?” Really, the answer is simply that it depends on what type of interview you’re attending. For example, a highly professional workplace such as a law firm or government facility might want questions answered using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) while a laid back cafe will most likely want a more relaxed approach and manner. Just use your head, and if you can learn as much as possible online or from existing company employee (if you have a friend or contact in the business) which method is best. Often it pays to ask the company who is considering you for the position directly what they like to see.

Knowledge Is The Best Form Of Flattery

To land a job you have to demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable and are super keen on their company values. Read up on the place before jumping into an interview with them. Corporations really appreciate it when you know small bits of information about them, it demonstrates that you clearly must care about the position.

These pointers are just several tips that will potentially help you do your best in an interview. Just remember to prepare, take notice of body language/wording of questions and use your head/initiative. Happy hunting!